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Here it is: Summertime! Are you ready to get out there and play until you and your dog’s hearts are content? At All Pet, we have all you need to have fun this summer. If boating is your pleasure, be sure to check out our selection of lifejackets (and save 15% with your exclusive Gazette coupon!). I know what you’re thinking, “But dogs can swim!” You’re right, they can, but how long can your furry friend tread water if he’s thrown from the boat? Just like lifejackets provide water safety for people, they provide water safety for pets, too!
For you land lubbers, we have lots of interactive toys to play with outside in the warm weather. Why not try a Launch-A-Ball, Ring Zinger or Floppy Frisbee? Not only is it fun to play outside with your dog (especially with these toys!), it gives them much-needed exercise to keep them healthy and happy in the summer heat.
And when you’re done playing, don’t forget to check out the new “Koolinator” Doggie Fountain. It gives your dog anytime access to fresh water, encourages drinking, eliminates stagnant water, and attaches easily to your hose or faucet. All your dog has to do to get fresh, cold water is put a paw on the platform.
How’s that for summetime fun?  JG
Fact: Every year, July 5th is one of the busiest days for pet shelters and rescues. Scared by painfully loud noises and blinding lights, pets become frantic to escape the stimulus only to become separated from their owners. The lucky ones are found by caring individuals who try to reunite them with their families. But many are never found or meet disastrous ends. The pets that do make it through the firework displays face another danger. Contact with very hot or flaming fireworks can result in severe burns of the face, mouth and paws. Even unlit fireworks can be quite dangerous or lethal.  Fireworks contain many agents including black powder, potassium nitrate and heavy metals such as mercury, antimony, copper, barium, strontium, and phosphorus. Ingestion or absorption of even small amounts of these chemicals can result in severe illness. As a pet parent, there are simple steps you can take to ensure pets’ safety during the Independence Day holiday. By following these suggestions, we are sure that you and your pets can safely enjoy July 4th and July 5th this year!
• Before you start your firework celebration, exercise your pet so that they will be able to rest quietly in the evening without excess energy.
• Very Important! Make sure all pets have a collar and easy-to-read identification tag. Consider having your pet micro-chipped, because collars and tags are not foolproof.
• Close all doors and windows. Make sure to close and lock all pet doors. Turn on a TV or radio for some background noise.
• Arrange an enclosed indoor area for your pet to feel secure away from noise and lights. Choose a crate for your dog, or a bathroom or bedroom for your cat, but never leave them outside or take them to the show. Turn all small animal and bird cages away from the lights and noise and consider covering them during the worst of the display. Also, give small animals lots of bedding to burrow down in; it will help them feel much safer.
• Try to avoid leaving your pet alone. Allow them to vocalize and demonstrate their distress. Do not try to cuddle or comfort your pets as they will interpret this as you being worried too. Instead, stay relaxed and act normally. Reward your pets for calm behavior. Distract them with a special treat or toy.
• Even if your pet has never exhibited extreme sensitivity to the loud noises and flashes during past experiences, consider having natural stress remedies, like herbal pills or drops on hand. Consult with your veterinarian about prescription sedatives for severe cases.
• Finally, diligently retrieve and properly dispose of any and all firework paraphernalia before you allow your pets outside. Do not consider that you can properly supervise them while you work on pick-up.  BL

All Pet & Equine Supply of West Plains is celebrating our 9th anniversary. To thank all of our loyal customers, we have planned a week of savings for all! On Tuesday, June 8th, we will have a Double Punch Day on our Pet Payback Cards. Wednesday will be Senior Discount Day for Seniors 60 and over, who will enjoy an extra 9% off their total purchase! Then, get ready for our annual Sidewalk Sale on Thursday, Friday and Saturday June 10th, 11th & 12th, with items up to 75% off! In celebration of our anniversary, we are also giving away goodies to every 9th sales ticket.

No matter what, make plans to stop in on Saturday. We will have hot dogs, drinks, and cookies for our customers from 11am-1pm, and we will be live on the radio with even more give aways every 9 minutes! And be sure to sign up all week for our Grand Door Prize: one customer will win either one free bag of Science Diet cat food OR one free bag of Nutro dog food each month for a whole year! It’s a week you won’t want to miss at All Pet & Equine Supply in West Plains.

Thank you for all your business over the last 9 years, and we look forward to serving all your pet supply needs in the future. Be on the lookout later this year for a new website for our West Plains and Mountain Home shoppers! And remember, your pets are always welcome to shop with you. BL

And what does that mean?  It means a new SUMMER edition of the All PET Gazette is coming your way before you know it!  In fact, it should be available by the end of the week, both in your favorite All Pet store and right here online!  We’ve got tips for beating the summer heat, Independence Day safety guidelines, excellent summer coupons, and more!  You won’t want to miss it!  In the meantime, head on over to our Event Calendar for the latest updates.  There is so much going on this summer for pet owners in the Ozarks!  And remember, it’s always cool inside your favorite All Pet store…

As a valued Gazette reader and All Pet customer, we wanted to let you know about this great coupon available from Nylabone!  You could save $2.00 on ANY Nylabone or NutriDent product valued $2.00 or more, and you can print the coupon as many times as you want!  Plus, since it doesn’t expire until 12/31/09, you can save over and over again.  The coupon is redeemable at any of our All Pet stores, so head over and print one today!  APG

Nylabone $2.00 off coupon!

Nylabone $2.00 off coupon!

Can you believe that summer is already winding down?  Well, whether we want it to or not, it certainly is, and that means it’s about time for another edition of The All PET Gazette.  You know what that means:  more money-saving coupons, great articles from our excellent staff, and answers to your own pet-related questions!   So keep an eye out right here and in your store for the next Gazette, and in the meantime, here’s a little recap of  the All PET Summer of 2009:


Bruce and Amanda man the booth at Bark In the Park

Bruce and Amanda man the booth at Bark In the Park in Springfield

Honey the llama comes to visit All Pet at the Commercial Street Pet Stroll

Bruce’s favorite, Honey the llama comes to visit All Pet at the Historic Commercial Street Pet Stroll

Customers line up to enter their pet in Mountain Home's cutest pet contest!

Customers line up to enter their pet in Mountain Home’s cutest pet contest!

Yorik the Wonder Dog entertains shoppers at West Plains' 8th Anniversary Sale

Yorik the Wonder Dog entertains shoppers at West Plains’ 8th Anniversary Sale


As you can see, All Pet’s staff and customers are no strangers to summer fun, and we’re ready for even more great fun in the fall!  For more great event and store photos, be sure and check out our PHOTO ALBUMS.  And don’t forget to watch our Events Calendar, where we’ll let you know what kind of fun pet and family activities are going on around our stores and our communities this fall.  It’s already gotten its first update for the season, so check it out today!  APG