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It’s easy to attract hummingbirds almost anywhere in the United States if you create favorable habitats and simply put up hummingbird feeders.

  • Choose a hummingbird feeder that is easy to clean and has some red on it.
  • The best place to put your feeder initially is near red tubular flowers that are attractive to hummingbirds.
  • Good flowers include impatiens, salvia, bee balm, etc.
  • Although hummingbirds feed at flowers of various colors, they are most attracted to red.
  • Try to place the feeders where they will be protected from the wind and where there is some shade
  • Fill the feeders with a sugar-water nectar solution.

The nectar sold at All PET is appealing to hummingbirds because it approximates the ratio of sugar to water found in the nectar of many popular hummingbird flowers.


(Did you know that hummingbirds also will eat a variety of insects and spiders, which give them protein, besides just nectar? Now you know!)


  • Maintain your hummingbird feeders by cleaning and refilling them every two days during hot weather; in high temperatures, the nectar solution could mold or spoil.
  • Scrub your feeders with hot water and a little vinegar.
  • For really tough cleaning jobs, use a mild bleach solution. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse.

In most areas of the country, hummingbird feeders should be left up until there is a hard frost



Leaving up the feeders will not cause the hummingbirds to delay migration; they know instinctively when to migrate. Leaving up the feeders may actually help migrating hummers, who will pause to refuel at your feeder.



Fiproguard Plus has the same active ingredient as Frontline Plus… but costs you LESS!

Out with the other flea and tick control products and in with the new FiproGuard and FiproGuard Plus for Dogs. FiproGuard products contain Fipronil and s-methoprene, the same active ingredients used in Frontline Plus for dogs. FiproGuard Plus provides premium protection against fleas, ticks, and chewing lice; kills adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae; and prevents development of flea pupae to control flea re-infestation for up to 90 days. It also kills deer ticks, which transmit Lyme disease, as well as brown dog ticks, American dog ticks and lone star ticks. FiproGuard will also control mites that are known to cause sarcoptic mange. Fast-acting and long-lasting, FiproGuard’s sustained-release formula protects dogs for up to 30 days. FiproGuard Plus for Dogs can be used on breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs. FiproGuard Plus is also waterproof. With prices starting at $20, it’s sure to become a must-buy for your pets.


Spring has sprung, and now is a time when you may be considering getting a small animal for yourself or for the family. Whether adding or upgrading, from twitchy nosed whiskers to floppy bunny ears, the home you purchase for your new little friend is one of the most important decisions you will make. Selecting a cage is not only about finding the right size or the easiest to keep clean, but it’s also about making sure your pet’s habitat is safe, comfortable, and durable.

Keep in mind that each type of small animal has very different needs for its health and wellbeing. That’s why we’d like to invite you to come visit your favorite All Pet store, where our knowledgeable staff will help you create the perfect habitat for your littlest pets! And don’t forget to bring in this issue’s exclusive Gazette coupon for free food with your purchase of a new small animal habitat at All Pet! Clearly, we’re not kidding around when we say that, whether they’re big or small, our next satisfied customer is YOUR pet. AV

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In this picture: Honey the Easter Llama?

Here’s three easy steps to help you battle fleas this summer.

1) Treat your pet with a spot-on, collar, or spray. Frontline, Advantage, Adams, Bio-Spot, Sentry, and DeFlea all offer effective treatment options. However, when using a spot-on treatment remember NOT to use a regular detergent shampoo. Instead, use shampoos that won’t wash off a spot-on treatment, such as those offered by Bio-Groom and Tropiclean.

2) Treat your house using a carpet spray, powder, or fogger with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). Remember that fleas bite your pet and then lay eggs in carpet and bedding. Using a proper treatment schedule, you can kill the fleas in the egg and larval stages first, and then attack them 7-10 days later to ensure that none make it past the cocoon stage.

3) Treat your yard to prevent your pet from re-acquiring fleas! Most spot-on treatments take 7 -12 hours to kill the flea, so if your yard is untreated, you may see “new” fleas on your pet even after treating them. Lawn insecticide granules, such as Hi-Yield Turf Ranger or Bifen L/P, are good to put on your lawn or around your house and should be applied monthly during flea season.  BL

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