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All Pet & Equine West Plains has moved to 1120 Porter Wagoner Blvd.

We have been in business for 10 years and we are proud of our NEW location. We are now offering a larger selection of items in all areas of the store including pet foods, collars, toys, clothing & equine supplies…all the necessities for your pet. We have a full time groomer that loves pets and a staff that can answer all of your questions. If we don’t know it, we will find out. Come in and see our new place. Remember to use your Pet Payback Card for additional saving when comparing prices.


It’s easy to attract hummingbirds almost anywhere in the United States if you create favorable habitats and simply put up hummingbird feeders.

  • Choose a hummingbird feeder that is easy to clean and has some red on it.
  • The best place to put your feeder initially is near red tubular flowers that are attractive to hummingbirds.
  • Good flowers include impatiens, salvia, bee balm, etc.
  • Although hummingbirds feed at flowers of various colors, they are most attracted to red.
  • Try to place the feeders where they will be protected from the wind and where there is some shade
  • Fill the feeders with a sugar-water nectar solution.

The nectar sold at All PET is appealing to hummingbirds because it approximates the ratio of sugar to water found in the nectar of many popular hummingbird flowers.


(Did you know that hummingbirds also will eat a variety of insects and spiders, which give them protein, besides just nectar? Now you know!)


  • Maintain your hummingbird feeders by cleaning and refilling them every two days during hot weather; in high temperatures, the nectar solution could mold or spoil.
  • Scrub your feeders with hot water and a little vinegar.
  • For really tough cleaning jobs, use a mild bleach solution. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse.

In most areas of the country, hummingbird feeders should be left up until there is a hard frost



Leaving up the feeders will not cause the hummingbirds to delay migration; they know instinctively when to migrate. Leaving up the feeders may actually help migrating hummers, who will pause to refuel at your feeder.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the entire All PET management team, pictured above with their furry friends!

For most of us, our pets are part of the family. So it’s only natural that we include them in the holiday festivities. However, many foods that are holiday standards can be bad and even dangerous for pets.

Not to worry, though! All PET offers a wide selection of safe and healthy gourmet treats that your pet is sure to love. All of our stores feature a variety of all-natural bakery treats made with dog-friendly ingredients; some of them are even frosted! We also carry several treat options for any pets with special dietary needs, including soft-baked, grain-free, and vegetarian.

Whatever your needs, All PET is here for you this holiday season with treats you and your pet can both feel good about.

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WallE enjoys his daily dose of happiness by getting a Greenie every day! It makes his kisses more enjoyable. WallE is shown here with Kathy Bambery, Manager of All PET Supplies North in Springfield.

There’s more to doggie dental health than sparkling teeth and fresh breath. Dental neglect can result in damage to the jawbones and loss of teeth. It can lead to disease, reduced immunity, and infection. This is why brushing your pet’s teeth should be an important part of your grooming routine, and why dental check-ups should be a part of your pet’s annual vet check.

In addition to teeth brushing, a daily dose of Greenies treats are a great supplement to pets’ oral care. Greenies are designed for fresh breath and clean teeth. They are high in protein, low in fat, and nutritionally complete. Tests have shown one Greenie a day can result in a 69% reduction in tarter and 10.5% reduction in plaque. Isn’t a good healthy smile a reason to start feeding your best friend Greenies? Whether you have a little Yorkie or a hefty Lab, they will really love the taste.

At All Pet, we stock a complete line of Greenies dental products that range in size from petite to jumbo and come in regular, lite, and senior varieties. And don’t forget your feline friends when you’re buying Greenies – we have many flavors just for cats, too! Just another reason to make All Pet your one-stop-shop for pet dental health!

Be sure to check the current issue of the Gazette for a great, money-saving coupon on your favorite Greenies dental chews!

A new trend in pet food manufacturing is the addition of prebiotic and probiotic bacteria to foods for your dog and cat. While this is a relatively new trend, research has proven prebiotic and probiotic bacteria provide a healthful function to the diet of your pet.

Probiotics, sometimes called beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus and Bfidobacterium most commonly), are microorganisms necessary for a pet’s healthy and balanced intestinal tract. Prebiotics, on the other hand, are a carbohydrate form of a dietary fiber. The carbohydrates in prebiotics FEED the probiotic bacterial flora, helping them spread through the intestinal tract.

Traditional dietary sources of prebiotics in pet foods are FOS (fructooligosaccharides) and MOS (mannooligosaccharides). FOS and MOS are found naturally in plants such as beets (beet pulp), chicory root, soybeans, raw oats and unrefined wheat and barley. These ingredients are purposefully added to your pet’s food to introduce the FOS and MOS into the digestive tract of your pet.

Here are ten advantages in maintaining optimum levels of good bacteria in the digestive tract of your pets:

1. It helps pets produce natural antibiotics, which can fight harmful bacteria (salmonella and e. coli for example)
2. It regulates and increases hormone levels
3. It helps pets manufacture B group vitamins, biotin and folic acid
4. It stimulates the immune system (70 to 80% of your pets immune system is in its digestive tract)
5. It reduces pets’ food intolerances
6. It increases pets’ energy levels
7. It inhibits the growth of some yeast
8. It helps pets absorb nutrients, antioxidants and iron from their food
9. It reduces inflammation
10. It increases the digestibility of pets’ food

While good bacteria is present in a normal pet’s healthy digestive tract, so are bad bacteria. The balance of good to bad bacteria can be upset by things like antibiotics, stress, poor diets, diet changes and environmental changes. In these situations, frequently the harmful bacteria multiply and produce toxins which inhibit the normal function of the digestive system. Pets with large amounts of beneficial bacteria are better equipped to fight the growth of unhealthy organisms. So, if pets are to maintain a healthy body, they need large quantities of beneficial bacteria.

If you are interested in finding out which brands of pet food have prebiotic and probiotic bacteria already in them, or if you want to learn how to supplement additional levels of these healthy bacteria, we invite you to stop by your favorite All Pet store, where our next satisfied customer is YOUR pet! -AM

One of the most important decisions all pet owners face is what to feed their pet. And with so many different brands and formulas available, it is also one of the most difficult decisions to make. That’s why All Pet is proud to be sponsoring Pet Nutrition Seminars.

These seminars are free to the public and offer pet owners an overview of pet nutrition basics. Topics covered include: how to interpret pet food labels, common ingredient definitions, importance of digestibility, and nutrition for life stages. Each seminar also includes a question and answer session.

Taught by industry experts, these seminars are designed to provide consumers with the information every pet owner needs to know. If you are interested in attending a seminar, contact your local All Pet for more information. Seminars are being scheduled at each of our stores in the coming months.  JS