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Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! This issue highlights our new location, NEW fiproguard plus for your pets, pet calming aids, attracting hummingbirds to a feeder near you as well as introducing one of our loyal customers.

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Looking for the perfect holiday gifts for the animal lovers in your life? Well, at All PET we have exactly what you need! Check out our new line of Teddy the Dog T-Shirts and Hoodies – they’re perfect for those people who love to tell the world how much they love their pets. Or how about a Soy Candle or Reed Diffuser by Heaven to Home? It’s aromatherapy for pets and people!

If that’s not your “cup of tea,” maybe you know someone who sips from a Double-Walled Tumbler like you’ve seen at Starbucks… Well, we’ve got ‘em too, but ours are printed with all of your favorite dog breeds! They’re dishwasher safe, BHA free, and sure to please everyone on your list! Finally, you asked, and we delivered: presenting all NEW Dog Breed Socks and Spinning Key Chains, available now at your favorite All PET store!

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WallE enjoys his daily dose of happiness by getting a Greenie every day! It makes his kisses more enjoyable. WallE is shown here with Kathy Bambery, Manager of All PET Supplies North in Springfield.

There’s more to doggie dental health than sparkling teeth and fresh breath. Dental neglect can result in damage to the jawbones and loss of teeth. It can lead to disease, reduced immunity, and infection. This is why brushing your pet’s teeth should be an important part of your grooming routine, and why dental check-ups should be a part of your pet’s annual vet check.

In addition to teeth brushing, a daily dose of Greenies treats are a great supplement to pets’ oral care. Greenies are designed for fresh breath and clean teeth. They are high in protein, low in fat, and nutritionally complete. Tests have shown one Greenie a day can result in a 69% reduction in tarter and 10.5% reduction in plaque. Isn’t a good healthy smile a reason to start feeding your best friend Greenies? Whether you have a little Yorkie or a hefty Lab, they will really love the taste.

At All Pet, we stock a complete line of Greenies dental products that range in size from petite to jumbo and come in regular, lite, and senior varieties. And don’t forget your feline friends when you’re buying Greenies – we have many flavors just for cats, too! Just another reason to make All Pet your one-stop-shop for pet dental health!

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Pets love to have the freedom to come and go. And their owners enjoy many benefits from that freedom. When you install a PetSafe pet door, you’ll have flexibility to opt out of getting up early, in the middle of the night, or during dinner to let the dog outside. Plus, allowing your dog to come and go builds confidence; unwanted behavior problems such as chewing, furniture clawing, and excessive barking often remedy themselves when pets are no longer dependent upon owners to let them in and out.

At All Pet, our durable, high quality doors, come in a wide range of styles and sizes. For this coming winter, try our Extreme Weather Door with 3 flaps to protect your home from extreme temperatures. This door delivers maximum energy efficiency, up to 3 times higher than our standard single-flap door. Check with any of our All Pet stores for more details, and give you and your pet some freedom! Also, don’t forget to look for an exclusive 10% OFF Extreme Weather Door coupon in this issue of the All PET Gazette.

Here it is: Summertime! Are you ready to get out there and play until you and your dog’s hearts are content? At All Pet, we have all you need to have fun this summer. If boating is your pleasure, be sure to check out our selection of lifejackets (and save 15% with your exclusive Gazette coupon!). I know what you’re thinking, “But dogs can swim!” You’re right, they can, but how long can your furry friend tread water if he’s thrown from the boat? Just like lifejackets provide water safety for people, they provide water safety for pets, too!
For you land lubbers, we have lots of interactive toys to play with outside in the warm weather. Why not try a Launch-A-Ball, Ring Zinger or Floppy Frisbee? Not only is it fun to play outside with your dog (especially with these toys!), it gives them much-needed exercise to keep them healthy and happy in the summer heat.
And when you’re done playing, don’t forget to check out the new “Koolinator” Doggie Fountain. It gives your dog anytime access to fresh water, encourages drinking, eliminates stagnant water, and attaches easily to your hose or faucet. All your dog has to do to get fresh, cold water is put a paw on the platform.
How’s that for summetime fun?  JG

One of the biggest challenges of a new puppy is housebreaking. At All Pet, we carry a simple but effective training aid for teaching your puppy to tell you when it needs to go outside! In addition to crate training and positive reinforcement, these Potty Time Chimes can help new puppy owners have a much easier time housebreaking. With just a little training, your puppy will ring the Potty Time Chime whenever it needs to go outside. The chimes come in multiple colors to fit any décor and can be adjusted to fit the height of your puppy. Check them out at your nearest All Pet, and don’t forget to bring in your exclusive All PET Gazette $5 off $25 Summer Savings Certificate to make your dollar stretch on all your new puppy needs.  JS