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Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! This issue highlights our new location, NEW fiproguard plus for your pets, pet calming aids, attracting hummingbirds to a feeder near you as well as introducing one of our loyal customers.

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All Pet & Equine West Plains has moved to 1120 Porter Wagoner Blvd.

We have been in business for 10 years and we are proud of our NEW location. We are now offering a larger selection of items in all areas of the store including pet foods, collars, toys, clothing & equine supplies…all the necessities for your pet. We have a full time groomer that loves pets and a staff that can answer all of your questions. If we don’t know it, we will find out. Come in and see our new place. Remember to use your Pet Payback Card for additional saving when comparing prices.

It’s easy to attract hummingbirds almost anywhere in the United States if you create favorable habitats and simply put up hummingbird feeders.

  • Choose a hummingbird feeder that is easy to clean and has some red on it.
  • The best place to put your feeder initially is near red tubular flowers that are attractive to hummingbirds.
  • Good flowers include impatiens, salvia, bee balm, etc.
  • Although hummingbirds feed at flowers of various colors, they are most attracted to red.
  • Try to place the feeders where they will be protected from the wind and where there is some shade
  • Fill the feeders with a sugar-water nectar solution.

The nectar sold at All PET is appealing to hummingbirds because it approximates the ratio of sugar to water found in the nectar of many popular hummingbird flowers.


(Did you know that hummingbirds also will eat a variety of insects and spiders, which give them protein, besides just nectar? Now you know!)


  • Maintain your hummingbird feeders by cleaning and refilling them every two days during hot weather; in high temperatures, the nectar solution could mold or spoil.
  • Scrub your feeders with hot water and a little vinegar.
  • For really tough cleaning jobs, use a mild bleach solution. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse.

In most areas of the country, hummingbird feeders should be left up until there is a hard frost



Leaving up the feeders will not cause the hummingbirds to delay migration; they know instinctively when to migrate. Leaving up the feeders may actually help migrating hummers, who will pause to refuel at your feeder.

Do you groan every time you think about thunderstorms, fireworks and loud noises that will bring on shaking, panting, nervousness, and sometimes even self-destructive behaviors? Are these the symptoms your pet exhibits due to noise anxieties?

All PET can help! We are offering three types of relief:

  • pheromones that trigger feelings of comfort
  • dietary herbal calmatives to ease nerve transmission
  • compression therapy that applies a gentle and constant calming effect.

Canine pheromones are a synthetic version of the pheromone a mother dog puts off while she is nursing her puppies. This triggers the canine brain to remember how comforting it was at mother’s side and under her protection. All PET offers products containing this pheromone like Comfort Zone with D.A.P., Quiet Moments calming spray and the GOOD Behavior collar. Herbal dietary supplements help support the nervous system in reducing stress and tension. All PET offers NaturVet’s Quiet Moments and HomeoPet’s Natural Anxiety Relief drops.

All PET is also proud to now offer the Thundershirt, a garment for dogs that applies gentle and constant pressure as a therapy to relieve persistent anxiety. Think of why we swaddle a baby, run cattle through a squeeze chute, or treat autism with pressure; it is comforting! The Thundershirt is safe, effective, drug free, and easy to use; it offers solutions for many behavioral issues in addition to noise anxiety.

So come in to your favorite All PET store today! We will help you customize a solution for tomorrow’s thunderstorms, fireworks, and whatever goes bump in the night.

Frequent buyer programs are a great way to save money on your favorite pet products without sacrificing quality. All of our All Pet stores offer frequent buyer programs on many brands, including Nutro, Chicken Soup, and Taste of the Wild dog & cat foods; L’Avian bird & small animal foods; and Wild Delight outdoor bird foods. These programs offer a savings-over-time of up to 10% off regular prices on great products you already use on a regular basis! So, the next time you visit your favorite All Pet store, make sure and ask us how you can be saving more by using a frequent buyer program! -JS

americangoldfinch1Those who feed backyard birds are always excited to see American Goldfinches in the late Spring and Summer. These beautiful birds live in our area all year, but the males change plumage color during breeding season. The Goldfinch is the second most popular bird in the U.S., falling only behind the Northern Cardinal. To entice these colorful, yellow birds to visit your feeders, make sure you keep good food out all year long. Finches prefer Nyjer Seed and Fine Sunflower Chips, available from Wild Delight. Make sure food is fresh and not carried-over from last year, as the oil might become rancid!

Keep in mind that House Finches and Purple Finches are also native to this area. The House Finch looks somewhat like a small Sparrow with different markings, and the Purple Finch is not really purple at all, but has a red cast head and chest. In addition, remember that your finch feeder will probably also attract Chickadees and Woodpeckers; this is one reason why Wild Delight’s Special Finch Block and Finch Sock Feeders have also become popular among bird-watchers!