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The All Pet family of stores places a great emphasis on educating our customers on the healthiest, highest-grade products available for their pets. In recognition of this commitment, All Pet & Equine Center’s Springfield stores were awarded the 2009 Wellness Independent Retailer of the Year Award by the WellPet Corporation.
South store manager, Amanda Mark – pictured left with her Great Dane, Roy – received the award on October 3rd at the H.H. Backer 43rd Annual Pet-Industry Trade Show in Chicago. Congratulations to Amanda and all of our Springfield store employees for making All Pet one of the best places for healthy pets to shop in the Ozarks (not to mention the U.S.A.)!
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Your holiday gift guide for pets and pet-lovers!

Get ready! We’d like to invite you to come in and see what’s new for your pet this Christmas at All Pet. Make that “cold” Chihuahua warm with a new sweater or jacket! Keep those Yorkies happy with a holiday squeaker toy! Keep your new Lab puppy busy chewing for a long time with a new Kong chew toy! Worried about your outdoor pet this winter? Now’s the time to be thinking about a new pet home, or keep your pet even more cozy outside with a heated bed, mat or warmer, such as the new SnuggleSafe Microwavable Heat Disc! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to stock up on pet-friendly holiday candy canes & Christmas cookies specially made for your favorite pet.

While you’re here, don’t forget about our excellent, pet-themed gifts! If you have any animal-lovers in your family, we have some new and fun ornaments for 2009 that they’re sure to enjoy. Also, we have a wide selection of breed-specific t-shirts, aprons, door mats, salt n’ pepper shakers and towel sets, perfect for your school teacher, boss, or hard-to-buy-for friend. Here’s the best part: bring in the exclusive All Pet Gazette coupon, available in the most recent issue for download or in stores, for 25% OFF any regularly-priced gift item at your favorite All Pet store! And don’t forget to bring your Pet Payback Card! On behalf of all the staff at All Pet, we want to wish each of our customers the happiest of holidays and a season full of blessings! See you soon! -BL

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Try Taste of the Wild canned food for FREE at All Pet Supplies - see below for details!

Canned formulas for dogs have many benefits for optimal nutrition that every pet parent should consider. Here are TEN reasons to consider adding canned formulas to your dog’s diet.

1. For Palatability – Some dogs prefer canned formulas over dry formulas. Canned formulas for dogs are extremely palatable, making them a great choice for picky eaters. Older dogs sometimes lose interest in eating, and pet parents become concerned about how to stimulate their appetite. Canned formulas will generally work well to encourage better eating enthusiasm.

2. For Highly Active Dogs – Many young and active dogs require large amounts of calories in order to grow and maintain a vigorous lifestyle. For example, a Jack Russell Terrier who runs two inches off the ground at all times, investigating the slightest activity, may need additional calories above the amounts in some dry formulas.

3. As a Complement to Dry Food – Complete and balanced canned formulas can be fed alone or as a complement to a healthy dry diet.

4. To Disguise Medications – Many pets, especially senior dogs take regular medication. Canned formulas offer an easy and convenient way to disguise medications and reduce the stress of giving a pill to your dog.

5. For a Rotational Diet – Many dog owners like to provide variety in their pets’ diets. Rotating canned formulas is a convenient and nutritious way to do that every day. Canned formulas come in multiple flavors to keep your dog interested in his food at all times.

6. To Increase Water Intake – Feeding canned formulas is a good way to increase the daily water intake of a pet. The water content of moist foods is usually about 70 to 78%. A little extra moisture will be appreciated by pets during warm summer months!

7. For Thin Dogs – Adding moist food can help a dog reach a healthier weight. Moist foods contain high levels of meat and are often used to enhance the fat and protein content of dry foods without adding excess carbohydrates or fiber.

8. For Dry Skin & Coat – Moist foods are beneficial for dogs with dull dry skin and coat. Try adding canned food to your dry feeding regimen. The additional protein and essential fatty acids provided in Wellness canned formulas help to optimize a healthy skin and coat.

9. To Address Food Sensitivities – Some canned formulas are designed for pets who have food sensitivity issues. There are also canned formulas for pet parents who prefer to feed a grain-free diet. Wellness® CORE® canned formulas are an ideal grain-free canned diet that goes great with Wellness® CORE® dry food formulas.

10. For Decreased Stool Volume – Excellent nutrient absorption. Dogs tend to have a lower stool volume when fed a canned diet. -AM

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Through December, all All Pet customers can try a FREE can of the NEW Taste of the Wild grain-free canned dog or cat food with the purchase of any Taste of the Wild dry dog or cat food!  Stop in today to take advantage of this great offer to help you integrate canned food into your pet’s diet!  And don’t forget to bring in your All Pet Gazette 50% Any Pet Treat coupon to use, too!

  • Secure your tree and keep pets out of the water at the base (it may contain fertilizers, or it may be stagnant!)
  • Keep tinsel away from your pets as it can cause a severe digestive tract obstruction.
  • Keep all ribbons and gift ornaments away from your pet. These are extreme choking hazards!
  • Keep pets from chocolate and anything sweetened with Xylitol.  Also, keep pets away from any unattended plates.
  • Forget Mistletoe and Holly as they can really upset pets’ stomachs! However, don’t worry as much about poinsettias; according to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, they are not poisonous to pets, although they might also cause upset stomachs.
  • Make sure wires to Christmas lights are out of the way as well, and avoid burning candles -JG

Christmas is the most popular time for bringing new puppies into the family. Make sure you have everything you need to make the transition into your family easy and fun. We recommend having these essential items on hand when bringing your new puppy home: A crate with dividers (great for housebreaking); an adjustable collar and leash; a good quality puppy food; food and water dishes; a comfy bed; puppy shampoo and a brush or comb; treats for training; stain and odor remover (accidents will happen!); a plush toy; and a quality rubber chew toy or treat for teething. And don’t forget an ID tag! Phew! We know this might be a pretty overwhelming list, so here’s one last suggestion: come in to your favorite All Pet store and let our pet professionals help you get everything you need to really welcome your new puppy home! -JG

Frequent buyer programs are a great way to save money on your favorite pet products without sacrificing quality. All of our All Pet stores offer frequent buyer programs on many brands, including Nutro, Chicken Soup, and Taste of the Wild dog & cat foods; L’Avian bird & small animal foods; and Wild Delight outdoor bird foods. These programs offer a savings-over-time of up to 10% off regular prices on great products you already use on a regular basis! So, the next time you visit your favorite All Pet store, make sure and ask us how you can be saving more by using a frequent buyer program! -JS