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Lila runs the store and the manager at All PetWell, the next edition of The All PET Gazette is here!  All of the articles (plus more) are available right here in the weblog, but if you’d like to print your own copy of the newsletter, complete with coupons, head on over to the downloads page!  Also, don’t forget about the online-only $2.00 off Nylabone and Nutri Dent coupon (scroll down!).  Finally, we know that some of you may be new to us, so we’d like to start out by sharing this little note from the latest edition of the newsletter:

The All PET family of locally-owned pet and equine supply stores has been serving the Ozarks for over 19 years, providing excellent customer service and the highest quality pet products for your hard-earned money. Don’t be fooled by the most recent big-box marketing tactics! Some of the healthiest, premium pet products, such as Greenies, Nutro, Nature’s Variety, Wild Delight, L’Avian Plus, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Cloud Star, and Diamond, not to mention high-impact flea and tick treatments such as Advantage and Frontline, are available only through pet supply stores such as All PET. To top it all off, your pets are always welcome in any of our stores. We are pet-friendly, people-friendly, and paycheck-friendly – and that’s why “our next satisfied customer is your pet.” APG


Perhaps you are familiar with this scene. You invite your friends over to enjoy the late summer air on your back deck. You throw some burgers on the grill, pull up the lawn chairs, and begin to converse. And then it happens: the neighbor’s outdoor dog begins to bark. No matter what you do or say, it won’t quit barking. You don’t want to upset the neighbors, but you do want to enjoy your own backyard. What can you do?

Well, one of the main reasons a dog will bark is anxiety. For example, many dogs will bark when their owner has left. In fact, the owner may not even be aware of it! There is some good news, though; All PET carries a great line of training and bark control products by PetSafe that can help you (and your neighbors) handle these issues safely and responsibly!

For this particular situation, PetSafe makes an excellent outdoor bark control product that looks just like a bird house. That means you can place it in your yard and simply direct it at your neighbor’s noisy pet. Plus, it only requires a 9V battery, so it can go just about anywhere.

The device is bark-activated and will release an ultrasonic correction that humans will not hear. This noise does not hurt the dog’s ears, but it will get its attention. Once a dog is aware that its voice creates the sound, it will usually stop barking.  To get a better idea of how this product works and is used, check out this video from the manufacturer!

I have personally used this product and am pleased to report that my neighbor’s dog has stopped his excessive barking. So, if you are seeking backyard bliss, I recommend giving it a try.

Kim Wasser, West Plains store. *Download your copy of the newsletter for a MONEY-SAVING COUPON good on any of our PetSafe bark-control products!

Q: What can I do to avoid my dog from getting flaky, dry and itchy skin when the weather starts getting cooler?

A: Fall and especially winter’s colder, drier weather, coupled with the low humidity of forced-air heated homes, can affect a pet’s skin and coat as much as it affects its owners’ skin. Dry, flaky and itchy winter time skin can be avoided by remembering and following a couple of simple steps.

First, don’t bathe your pet more than once a month; most can be successfully kept clean with daily brushing to remove dead hair and dander. Daily brushing also stimulates skin circulation and distributes its natural moisturizing oils. When bathing is necessary, use a gentle cleansing and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner formulated especially for the pet you are bathing. Download your copy of the newsletter for a great coupon to help save on your pet’s winter bathing supply!

Second, remember that the skin is moisturized from the inside out. Under normal conditions, your pet’s premium food should be supporting skin and coat health with high quality ingredients including balanced essential fatty acids. However, during the winter months it may be necessary to supplement your pet’s diet with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, available in an oil, powder or pill form (All PET recommends NaturVet’s Ultimate Skin & Coat Supplement).

Finally, dry flaky skin can be a sign of a larger problem within your pet. If you notice excessive hair loss with sores or rashes on your pet’s skin please seek veterinary medical attention for your pet. Most general cases of cool-season dry skin can be turned around within a few short weeks, allowing you and your pet to enjoy the rest of the season.

This question was answered by Andrea Jackson, a professional pet stylist at our Springfield south All PET store. Have a question? Get an answer at your favorite All PET store, or submit your question using our online form!

As a valued Gazette reader and All Pet customer, we wanted to let you know about this great coupon available from Nylabone!  You could save $2.00 on ANY Nylabone or NutriDent product valued $2.00 or more, and you can print the coupon as many times as you want!  Plus, since it doesn’t expire until 12/31/09, you can save over and over again.  The coupon is redeemable at any of our All Pet stores, so head over and print one today!  APG

Nylabone $2.00 off coupon!

Nylabone $2.00 off coupon!

Can you believe that summer is already winding down?  Well, whether we want it to or not, it certainly is, and that means it’s about time for another edition of The All PET Gazette.  You know what that means:  more money-saving coupons, great articles from our excellent staff, and answers to your own pet-related questions!   So keep an eye out right here and in your store for the next Gazette, and in the meantime, here’s a little recap of  the All PET Summer of 2009:


Bruce and Amanda man the booth at Bark In the Park

Bruce and Amanda man the booth at Bark In the Park in Springfield

Honey the llama comes to visit All Pet at the Commercial Street Pet Stroll

Bruce’s favorite, Honey the llama comes to visit All Pet at the Historic Commercial Street Pet Stroll

Customers line up to enter their pet in Mountain Home's cutest pet contest!

Customers line up to enter their pet in Mountain Home’s cutest pet contest!

Yorik the Wonder Dog entertains shoppers at West Plains' 8th Anniversary Sale

Yorik the Wonder Dog entertains shoppers at West Plains’ 8th Anniversary Sale


As you can see, All Pet’s staff and customers are no strangers to summer fun, and we’re ready for even more great fun in the fall!  For more great event and store photos, be sure and check out our PHOTO ALBUMS.  And don’t forget to watch our Events Calendar, where we’ll let you know what kind of fun pet and family activities are going on around our stores and our communities this fall.  It’s already gotten its first update for the season, so check it out today!  APG