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Information. All successful decisions rely on it. Your pets rely on it too – secondhand, of course. This information is the basis for The All PET Gazette. With the multitude of products and services available today, confusion is almost certain. The All Pet family of stores was founded to provide a clear path to the products, services, and events that are important to our local pet community. The All PET Gazette quarterly newsletter, available in-store and online, is the next chapter in providing outstanding service to our loyal customers and their pet families. BK


Q: How do I get rid of those unsightly tear stains!?

A: While topical tear stain removers have been available for quite some time, we are a big fan of Angel’s Eyes, which is the only tear stain removal product available that can be added to your pet’s food. Also, keep in mind that there are some breeds of dogs and cats that will always tear because it is a natural process. Angel’s Eyes prohibits the growth of bacteria on the moist area below the eye. This bacteria is what normally causes a staining effect!

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